The Naked and Famous, a band always connected (and III)

They travel sticked to their laptops. With no secrets to divulgue, perhaps ’cause they are too young to take advantage of these.  So happy and surprised with their dazzling succes that cannot see anythind disgusting in going all around the world during a full year. As Alisa says “to be able to do what we do is such a privilege.” Here is the last part of Alisa’s interview for PRODUCCIONES ESTÁTICAS.

You have taken six months to jump to top charts in New Zeland to Uk and US. What did mean for you the prize from NME last year?

When we received the NME Under the Radar award, we were absolutely shocked. We’d never really heard of the NME Awards before. We thought we were just having a nice night out with our record label buddies, being participants in an award show.

Winning the award was really flattering and we’re grateful that the magazine like us because I know how unforgiving that magazine can be to artists.

Why do you think you are on top after 20 years with no New Zeland band in UK charts?

Chart success is so strange to me. It’s all to do with radio play, album and single sales. It’s quite mathematical and does my head in to think about it. I guess you could say that the reason why we would be in any kind of chart is because people are buying and playing our music on the radio.

After so successful 1st album are you afraid of being forgotten when this wave of success goes away?

Expectation of having success and attention, is not why artists make music. All the great praise we have received over the last year from taste makers in music has been exceptionally flattering and we are so grateful for it. But at the end of the day, it’s not the driving motivation that makes us want to create music.

We’ll always do what we do, no matter what happens.

Did you have travel far away Australia or the rest of New Zeland before taking part in the first tour of The Naked and Famous?

We did a short stint to the CMJ Festival in New York in 2008. That was only for a matter of days. But it’s nothing compared to the miles we’ve traveled everywhere else this year. For some of us, it’s the first time traveling beyong NZ and Australia.

What do you have left behind any time you go far away from Auckland?

When we had made plans to leave NZ and tour in February this year, we all moved out of our flats, sold our cars, quit our day jobs and essentially became homeless. So we are nomads, living on the road, living out of suitcases, living in hotels every so often. So I guess none of us have left anything behind, except our lovely families.

Tell me something you always carry with you in any tour?

We can ‘t live without our laptops. Our lives always seem to be connected in ‘Mac World’ as our tour manager likes to call it. Everyone owns an apple lap top. I think we should get sponsored. Haha.

What do you like best of big tours?

Big tours are great because we are playing to our own crowd who know all our music. It’s so refreshing to play to people who really cherish all our music, instead of just the singles.

What do you dislike best of big tours?

It’s hard to dislike anything when your on tour. Sure we complain about little boring details, but, to be able to do what we do is such a priviledge.

PRODUCCIONES ESTÁTICAS appreciates Paul Mackeesar’s pattience and Alisa’s colaboration to make possible this interview during The Naked and Famous big tour around  USA and UK during these last months.


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